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Enterprise Level Demo System

When you offer custom, large scale solutions to your customer, showing a generic one size fits all demo of your system may not be enough to convince them that your online product or service is the right fit.  Showing a prospective customer exactly how their custom digital experience will work, look and behave can help you stand out from the competition.

Our platform gives non-technical team members the power to quickly create a custom demo experience to show to prospective customers or to provide support for the RFP process. They can include their customer’s logo and other brand elements as well as show complex product and service configurations that may not be possible using a live or staging environment.

Is an Enterprise Level Demo System right for you?

The ability to generate custom demos is a great resource for companies who offer complex online digital experiences to their B2B customers. Our tool allows your team to quickly and efficiently generate a demo experience that mirrors the services and features your prospective client has or is likely to purchase from you and omit those that may be irrelevant.

If your sales team is regularly asking for unique demo versions of your product in advance of a sales meeting, our platform can help reduce the cost and time required to prepare for a sales meeting. If your sales team asks a prospective client to imagine how their customized version of your online experience will work, we can help you stand out from the competition.

There are several industries that can benefit from having a custom demo platform. Health Benefits Management, Insurance and Financial Services are the industries we work in the most, however, any B2B company that offers a white label version of their application can benefit from the ability to make  custom demos.

For instance, one of our clients sells insurance plans to large companies and organizations. They often need to show how the site will look  for their B2B customer’s employees, as well as what plans and other services will be available to them once they are members.

Using our Enterprise Level Demo System, our client can:

  1. Add their prospect’s logo
  2. Choose the insurance plans their customer will offer
  3. Select the appropriate benefits, services and programs
  4. Instantly create a robust demo specific to their sales prospect

It might be time to consider an Enterprise Level Demo System if your team often wishes they could:

  1. Add their prospect’s company logo
  2. Show the location of the customer’s corporate headquarters
  3. Include or omit products, services, or features that are not relevant to your prospect
  4. Display custom messages, content, advertisements, campaigns, or promotions that are specific to your prospect
  5. Add personas or user types to help provide context for the value of your application and demonstrate a variety of use cases

Our Enterprise level Demo System gives your team the power to create demos that showcase your capabilities to prospective clients and paints a real-world picture of your digital experience in a variety of scenarios.

Contact us for a demo of our demos.


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