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How a product demo or prototype can support all aspects of your business

Creating a demo of your digital experience can help your business in several ways, from attracting new customers and improving customer satisfaction to streamlining internal processes and identifying areas for improvement.

Taking the time to create a demo of your digital experiences can support your business by:

Increasing Sales and Customer Retention

First and foremost, creating a demo allows you to show your product to potential customers in a compelling and interactive way. A well-designed demo can give potential customers a firsthand look at how your product or service works, allowing them to experience its features and functionality for themselves. Your customers can see exactly how your product will solve their business problems. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel confident using the product.

Improving Product Development

In addition to attracting new customers, creating a demo can also help businesses validate and improve their digital experiences. You can use a demo to introduce a new feature or approach without having any impact on the live site environment. A new business feature can be shown to prospective users to validate its value and effectiveness. Using a prototype to evaluate new products and features with your key audiences can save time and budget by making sure you’re on the right track before you spend time and budget on development, testing and Q/A.

Improving Customer Onboarding and Support

One way a demo can help your business is by supporting new customers or employees as they become familiar with your products and services. A guided video tour can help orient new users to the key features of your system. A comprehensive code-based demo of your system can help your customer service team orient new customers and help them navigate through a complex or challenging process.

Creating a demo of your online experiences offers a wide range of benefits to your business. It can help attract new customers, improve your product, and support your new and return customers. You can demonstrate the value of your product and build confidence in its capabilities. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, creating a demo is a valuable tool for promoting and improving your software.

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