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Learning Platform Demo

Helping teachers see the value of a new learning platform

After launching a new reading assessment and dyslexia screening tool for elementary schools, this large learning technology company needed a demo of the application to help school administrators and teachers preview the experience to determine if the tool was right fit for their school.

A large education materials company launched a new reading practice and assessment tool aimed at elementary school teachers and administrators. They asked us to help develop a demo from that shows the application though the lens of their primary audience (students).

The demo helps school administrators and teachers  preview the experience from the point of view of teachers and students to see if the tool was right fit for their school. it allows busy school staff to take the time to explore everything that the tool has to offer and ensure our client’s learning application is a good long term investment.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Self guided audio and video make it quick and easy to see how much value the application provides
  • Shows experience from vantage point of both students and teachers

Used for:

  • Trade show demo
  • Sales demo
  • Training demo
Screen shot from Learning Platform Demo
Woman looking at a mobile phont

Mobile app simulation using existing Figma libraries

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Medicare Plan Demo

Our member experience demos allow prospective insurance members to see how they can interact with their health plan online and which features they’ll be able to access if they choose the plan.
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Medicaid Member Portal Demo

Highly-regulated government programs like Medicaid often have requirements that must be met in order to fulfill a health plan offering. We created a demo that communicated the depth and breadth of our client's offering to state governments.

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We’ve got this.

We’ve built literally hundreds of prototypes and demos. We know what it takes to efficiently simulate a robust site or app — whether it sits behind a login, or doesn’t exist in the real world at all. We‘ve refined our process to be as efficient as possible, without risking quality. We know the effort it takes to build a great demo, and we’ll deliver it on time and on budget.