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A Group Of People Gathered In A Conference Room

Employer Benefits Guided Tour

After the launch of a new site, our client was looking for a way to communicate all the new features and content to existing users. We created short video vignettes aggregated into a micro site that showcased everything new the redesigned site offered.
Woman Sitting On A Bed With A Nurse Who Is Reading Questions From A Tablet

Design System Prototype

This leader in long-term health care was looking for a way to establish User Experience standards and guidelines for future implementations. We created a comprehensive design prototype that served as the foundation for all new and redesigned applications.
Image Of Two People's Hands Holding Mobile Phones

Product Launch Video

A large health care company needed to launch a new product in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We built audience-specific video demos to build excitement around the product launch.
Image Of Adult And Child In Healthcare Setting

Proof-of-concept prototype

We partnered with the Pediatric Oncology Department at the University of Minnesota Masonic Hospital for Children to develop a mobile application to help survivors of childhood cancer after their treatment.
Group Of People Gathered Around A Computer On A Table.

Medicare Plan Demo

Our member experience demos allow prospective insurance members to see how they can interact with their health plan online and which features they’ll be able to access if they choose the plan.
An Image Of Buildings With Columns Suggesting Government Buildings

Medicaid Member Portal Demo

Highly-regulated government programs like Medicaid often have requirements that must be met in order to fulfill a health plan offering. We created a demo that communicated the depth and breadth of our client's offering to state governments.
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Flexible Customizable Member Services Demo

Our client wanted a way to show how various members types and plans would look without revealing any personal heath information. We created a series of plan demos to help them tell their story.
Image Of A Group Of Business People Around A Conference Table Talking With One Another

Enterprise demo system

Building demos for sales meetings was adding too much time and cost to the sales process. We created an enterprise-wide demo system that gives sales reps the power to create their own demos in seconds on the fly.

Mobile App Simulation

A large gobal healthcare company had a big, new idea. They wanted to create a proof of concept to determine its business value before they invested time and budget into development.
Two People Shaking Hands In An Office Setting

Job Search Guided Tour

An innovative startup in the employment industry needed a way to promote the value of their service and give potential customers a preview of the features and function it offered.

Learning Platform Demo

After launching a new reading assessment and dyslexia screening tool for elementary schools, this large learning technology company needed a demo of the application to help school administrators and teachers preview the experience to determine if the tool was right fit for their school.